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Art Installations

Project 1 inspiration) Textile Art - fibre & fabric dress sculptures made from wool, silk & linen - exploring the idea that we are inextricably a part of the natural world // "mnemosyne series" by Moira Bateman

Casey Kaplan - Quarter Scale Model of a Social Structure for a Plaza in Guadalajara

4Fall 12KAHB

Beatriz Milhazes

Beatriz Milhazes, Gamboa Seasons, 2010 © Beatriz Milhazes Although initially reads as "very pink" to me, the color palette is actually very diverse and complicated when I take a closer look at the image.

Amazing cut paper installations from Chris Natrop . [all work by Chris Natrop, images via his web site ]

Nathalie-Miebach-Basket-Visualizations 3 abstract contemporary sculpture from basket weaving and the incorporation of mixed media can create huge ,fascinating shape and dimension in art installation work

L'insostenibile leggerezza dell'arte - Didatticarte

Matchstick Men by Wolfgang Stiller