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Cans where you needed a 'key' that was attached to the bottom to open it.

Cans where you needed a 'key' that was attached to the bottom to open it up. I sure do remember opening cans with a key.

key can opener ~ oh my I had forgotten about those ♥

"Crisco Shortening" Tin Can With Key And Paper Label.used Crisco Shortening in many recipes at the time.

1980 e 1990, como foi duro ser criança/adolescente nessas décadas.

Exactly like my first pair of roller skates. You put your feet in them (with your shoes on), strapped them on, then tightened the toe hold with the key. "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates, you've got a brand new key.

Two keys for one car & no aweful buzzer if you didn't buckle up. Wait!  I don't think we had air bags either.

Remember when you needed two keys for one car? One for the ignition, another for the doors and trunk! -- I still have a set of keys for my 1970 Nova (now gone to car heaven)

Mercurochrome - Notice the lovely color? As you might have guessed from the name, it contained mercury. Yup. Moms all across the nation were swabbing open wounds with a concoction made from stuff now well-known to cause brain damage, kidney failure, and birth defects. Wheeeeeee!

The cure for any cut. It always left you with an orange stain.your mom would blow on the cut while she was putting it on so it wouldn't hurt.

Candy Lipstick (: ~I would routinely spend my .50 cents of lunch money (or any spare cents I had) on this and things like this.  There was a 'Candy Shack' at school and it was open in the mornings before classes would start. Those were the days. Yup (:

I loved candy lipstick! Even though it didn't even taste all that good - it was just cool. I remember being devastated when I left my candy lipstick at the city pool when I was little.

The Walkman - cutting edge technology.

Sony Walkman - remember when we had to "fast forward" and "rewind" and "flip the tape over"? The Ipod

This is a Memiograph Machine. It was used to make copies.  It made the paper wet, smell funny & the ink was a purple color.

Mimeograph machine - I remember learning how to use one of these! Remember smelling your paper when you got a freshly printed paper? The ink was purple too.

8-Track Car Stereos. We had the Doobie Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind and Fire, Air Supply, Bread (lol) and the Bee Gee's in our huge yellow station wagon...always a fight for who got to sit in the very back with the pull up seats facing each other.  Who needs a seatbelt anyway?

8 track tape deck for the car. Boy I remember having this in one of my cars!

TV Dinner

Banquet or Swanson TV dinners~my mom always made these for us when we were kids~And her favorite was this one right here~Fried chicken & mashed potatoes~📺