Danielle did it again!!! Bobbi turned out great!! Here is a "Making of" gif : makeagif.com/IwM0zu I was asked to draw a Legacy piece of Mockingbird of the Avengers. The commissioner asked for a ful...

I was asked to draw Storm from X-Men Apocalypse in her X-Uniform. Lines/Inks by me Colors by Storm © Marvel Comics/Disney/Fox Storm - XMEN Apocalypse

A woman who controls the weather has no time for wind whipping her long hair into her face it seems

Storm hair gets shorter with every xmen movie

Decent Image Scraps: Animation 3

iraildes fontes monteiro - I did not know (tech challenged) that if you click…

MARVEL PERSONAJES - ¿A cuántos puedes reconocer así?

This is pretty cool but if I'm not mistaken, Frank Castle, i. Punisher, was in the Army Rangers.

Resultado de imagen para tormenta marvel

X Men Days of Future Past Character Poster Storm X Men: Days of Future Past Box Office Forecast and Character Art