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How This Campaign Is Using Stunning Photos of Muslim Women to Fight Islamophobia

'I Am Muslim' - An Initiative To Address Islamophobia from People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty - PASSOP

This is a Muslim woman wearing a hijab. This is a typical form of Muslim religious dress for women. The women choose to cover themselves as a way of showing their faith to their God. This style of dress is very middle Eastern, and not seen as a typical style of Western Dress.

Having been in a relationship with a muslim woman for 7 years, I find muslim women to be beautiful, amazing, and intelligent.

10 Stylish Hijabs Made by and for Muslim Women

10 Stylish Hijabs Made by and for Muslim Women

Melanie Elturk, the CEO of Haute Hijab, shares her fashionable picks for wearers of the head-covering.

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Available for sale from Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, Maïmouna Guerresi, Malikita Lambda Print mounted on dibond, 200 × 125 cm

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Lady in Red. We try to always give our best … But people tend to look only for the worst love the colors and the mystery of the veiled women.

This picture depicts an women wearing a Hijab. In the Muslim religion woman can choose to wear a Hijab as a representation of their faith. However, it certain parts of the world, the Hijab is required. The hijab is a representation of ones identity. The Hijab is functional in its role of providing identify, and reinforcing beliefs and tradition. However, others see the Hijab as a tool that is oppressive towards women.

See here the Awesome ideas of Awesome Hijab Niqab Eyes! Hijab Niqab Ideas with eye are most beauty ever see it, it like ghost, i don't understand why Europe

A Classic braid es elegante @estilobymelida


Muted orange lips (for those timid ladies). Brown skin deep skin tones awesome make up