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haha oh Doctor :)

"Look, they gave me a badge with my name on it, in case I forgot who I am. Very thoughtful. As that does happen.

"This server at Olive Garden apparently decided to only use Doctor Who quotes while serving one evening, definitely worth a read. It made me laugh the whole way through." BEST SERVER EVER! I totally would've given him my number too

Doctor Who quotes from an Olive Garden server and customer reactions-very funny! What a hero! Dammit I need to go to that Olive Garden.

Drunk texter vs whovian texter

Why you should never drunk text a whovian. I am crying right now. I'm laughing so fucking hard. I need someone to drink text me so I can pull this shit.

The Doctor Turns Boys Into Badasses This.

The Doctor Turns Boys Into Badasses

The Doctor Turns Boys Into Badasses -- They always had it in them, they just needed an opportunity to shine! Mickey the idiot and Rory the roman

How Marvel smuggled Doctor Who into the Avengers. Not sure if it's real as I don't read the comic books. But still fun to think about it! <----- if I worked at Marvel that would be me: sneaking characters from other fandoms into the background

You know your a Doctor Who fan or Whovian when you are afraid of these things!

Haha, so true, but the fat people thing sounds really rude unless you've seen that episode.

It probably isn't.

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith - Christmas Episode 2011 - "The Doctor, The Widow The Wardrobe"

Maybe?!? 0.0 OMG!WHAT IF IT IS!

Thank you people of France . In return, we give you this beautiful stone statue of an angel. This was actually proved to be true in "The Angels Take Manhatten!" If I ever go to New York I'm going to be scared to pieces.

Doctor Who nerd

Doctor Who Tardis Typography by yellowharbor on Etsy - each of these quotes would make great wedding table names!

12 days of christmas DR WHO style :)

12 Days of Christmas Doctor Who style On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a TimeLord in a Blue Box