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photographer Peter Funch captures hundreds of moments from the same spot and digitally combines real scenes into one surreal super scene.

Peter Funch: A Series Of Coincidental Coincidences Gallery

Artist Peter Funch, and Vanderbilt, Babel Tales, Last Flight, The Imperfect atlas.

Sacha Goldberger, From Mamika series

Facts about weird, intersting weird information WTF Facts : funny, interesting weird facts


Located in Japan’s Tomamu Resort, on the island of Hokkaido, the Unkai Terrace is a unique scenic spot perched high atop a mountain peak that is often above the clouds, offering tourists breathtaking views of the white, fluffy sea beneath them.

Rain Room In London MORE OF WTF FACTS are coming HERE awesome and fun facts ONLY     I want to go here

Visitors walk through an art installation called the Rain Room in The Curve gallery at the Barbican Centre in London. The Rain Room is a

Find out more about the history of Peloponnesian War, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on HISTORY.com

Pericles' Funeral Oration is a famous speech from Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War"Therefore, having judged that to be happy means to be free, and to be free means to be brave, do not shy away from the risks" painting by Philipp Foltz 1852

Leonardo Da Vinci's last words -  WTF? -not-so-fun facts.   Pinner's Note: If this is True, (he was a Genius!) then, "I'm SCREWED!"

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts (Note to self: You are DOOMED!

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts

Well guess if a guy walks slow with you he's into you. Safe to say that most guys walk pretty fast

Truly! - Leave behind competitive cut-throat greedy materialism and the "keeping up with the jones" engine that drives it.  A simple life is a happy and fulfilling life.  Don't go wrong by being impressed with "things" rather than character.

"Happy wife, happy life" is scientifically proven - The Rule. (See WTF fun fact - Over of people remain quiet in order to avoid an argument with someone they care about.

That's not confusing

Ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships - WTF fun facts say this 5 times fast!

Achtiname of Muhammad -  WTF fun facts

Cz Muhammad S.W protected mankind, cz Islam is great and those spread terror, are not Muslims !

This is not a bird. Look closer, this parrot is in fact a woman whose body has been painted.  (It took me a while to see it, how about you?)

Look REEEEAAAALLLYYY closely. Start with one part of the parrot and see if you can identify body parts. Then it will reveal itself to you😱 Woman painted as a parrot - WTF fun facts

Confirms my fear of birds......see!!!!!see!!!!exactly why I don't like birds

Crow is the left-handed guardian. Crow knows the unknowable mysteries of creation and is the keeper of all sacred law. There are several species of crow. Raven is one of these and magpies are another. Crow medicine people are masters of illusion.

I have brass everything from, well who knows when and I hated it - until I read this!  Brass RULES!

Brass doorknobs automatically disinfect themselves in 8 hours -WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts