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NaLu and GruVia have you ever realized that they always fight over how NaLu or GruVia is better they are both amazing but all my Fairy tail ships are my fave but every other ship is my favorite to

Heck yeah we noticed the Nalu

Even a millisecond of a nalu moment cannot escape from the eyes of a morbid nalu shipper

Just coinkidink? Hmmmm ... I think not

Nalu's gonna be cannon i tell u and all these ship wars will all be over

YASS B****** I got proof now im going to rub this in my firends face she ship nali but i ship NALU yay

This puts my mind at ease not a fan of Nalu. Since fairy tail is nearing its end im very exicted to see how things will play out for the guild and the characters especially gray and juvia.

ome......Naluuuuuuuu even though it's Edo Lucy and not Earthland Lucy...IT PROVES THAT LUCY ASHLEY LIKES NATSU DRAGION!!!!

Along with shipping Nalu, I ship Edo-Nalu. Edo-Lucy's probably used to being worried about Edo-Natsu :D

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I cant frikin wait for that match its gonna go well and hopefully she uses the celestial queen of king outfit