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41 Republican Senators Voted Against a Landmark Veterans Bill in February, Today…

41 Republican Senators Voted Against a Landmark Veterans Bill in February, Today They Blame the VA

Our American military has a great history of protecting our country. We owe the veterans the opportunity for jobs when they get back. Unfortunately not one republican voted for the Veterans Job Act, not one. VOTE the GOP OUT in NOV!

Truth be told, true patriots shoot these fucks and all the fucks that made these acts "legal".

Mitt Romney, you remind me of an old southern bishop called sweet daddy grace. Just like you he was a liar and a cheat. You must have known sweet daddy.

Putting the Feminine back in Feminist

With this new found power, Republicans will without control, continue to overreach. They will not be able to help it. This will pave the way for a progressive revolution reminiscent of the Thirties, but on a much broader scale. So Republicans please.

Republicans continue to support massive tax loopholes, overseas banking and corporate subsidy give aways.

Where Is The Outrage Over Corporate Welfare?

Legislators and their base continue to support massive tax loopholes, overseas banking, and corporate subsidy give aways. These are Anti-American policies and who, then, are the real parasites?

Not my meme. If I were going to label someone as an idiot I'd use the correct punctuation, but the post is funny and true.

GWBush, worst President ever and some of the stupid things he said. Millions of stupid Americans voted for this bozo TWICE. Actually they only voted for him once. They cheated the second time round

Hundreds of people gathered outside the capitol in Lansing, Michigan, tonight to listen to a performance of The Vagina Monologues by eleven female lawmakers. And this sign from tonight’s event said it all: "Vaginas brought you into the world and vaginas will vote you out." This all stems from a debate over abortion legislation. Rep. Lisa Brown was censured for using the word vagina on the House floor. "And finally, Mr. Speaker, I'm flattered that y...

From Michigan protest for blocking female representative when she used the word "vagina" while discussing birth control. My new favorite sign b/c VAGINA is not a dirty word.