Capricorn, pretty true I can't fake anything you can always tell by my facial expressions what I'm really thinking

Aquarius, Aries & Capricorn's don't have a fake cone in their body. If they compliment you, It'll be Rare, but they will mean it. These people aren't the type to GAS your head up!

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More like a every time impression. If I'm not put together then I've been working a lot. ⚡️

When a Capricorn isn't working like a busy bee, they'll snuggle up on the couch in some comfy clothes watching netflix. yup, yup this is me!

Forgiveness takes time sometimes, but ultimately it happens for myself. It's not a burden I ever see worth carrying, although I do see how I can be this way...whether it's truly because of a zodiac sign or not.

For me, in order to truly forgive someone takes time but eventually I truly forgive someone.well that's just me. I believe in giving people second chances to redeem themselves as long as they learn from their mistakes.