Meredith Frampton, Sir Ernest Gowers, Lieutenant Colonel A. J. Child, and K. A. L. Parker, 1943

This painting of Sir Ernest Gowers, AJ Child and KAL Parker in the London Regional Civil Defence Control Room was painted by Meredith Frampton in 1943 and is in the Imperial War Museum. Frampton was an R. and served in The Artists Rifles during WWI.

Portrait of Gilbert Bayes, as Master of the Art Workers' Guild by Meredith Frampton RA

Portrait of Gilbert Bayes, as Master of the Art Workers' Guild by Meredith Frampton RA (English William Bayes RA was a British sculptor and medalist- imaged may have been flipped round, not sure?

ART & ARTISTS: Meredith Frampton - portraitist

Meredith Frampton British), Sir Clive Forster-Cooper, Oil on canvas, 8 x cm. © Estate of Meredith Frampton

Frederick Gowland Hopkins (1861–1947)

Meredith Frampton British), Frederick Gowland Hopkins Scientist), Oil on canvas, 111 x 99 cm, © the artist's estate. Photo credit: The Royal Society

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Meredith Frampton

Portrait of Sir Johnstone Forbes-Robertson 1920 by Meredith Frampton RA (English

the elegance and cleanness of this image.. Meredith Frampton, Marguerite Kelsey, 1928

The 100 best paintings in London: 100-91

Marguerite Kelsey 1928 by Meredith Frampton (British Art Deco Painter,

Portrait of a Young Woman

Portrait Of A Young Woman Artwork by Arnold Mason Oil Painting & Art Prints on canvas for sale

ART & ARTISTS: Meredith Frampton - portraitist

Sir Henry John Newbolt by Meredith Frampton oil on canvas, 1931 44 in. mm x 1010 mm) Purchased, 1969

Mona Lisa background … By the Hills (1939) by Gerald Brockhurst

Pre-juggernaut paradise: True to Life – British Realist Painting in the 1920s and 1930s review

Lord William Cecil (1934). Meredith Frampton.

Lord William Cecil Bishop of Exeter Meredith Framton. The Palace at Exeter

John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent 'Alfred, Son of Asher Wertheimer - 1901 Alfred was a chemist by profession, hence the two glass retorts hanging against the wall. John Singer Sargent - American artist and leading portrait painter of his generation.