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Did you know the colored squares on tubes mean something? Arbonne's tubes are all green and are made with natural ingredients to brighten teeth and freshen breath.  "Like" my FB page at Surshae Arbonne Independent Consultant. Consultant ID: 21565488

Dark streaks (or rectangles) shows that the product is composed entirely of chemically! The red squares show the product in yield and chemical from natural products. Green fields show the product contains only natural ingredients, free of chemicals

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No whuf whuf now!

Besides its soothing scent, vapo-rub works wonders on your feet with socks during a cough AND snoring.not permanently but for several hours

Please disregard the tip for puffy eyes. Use a spoon that has been placed in the refrigerator,  a slice of white potato on eyes or a black/green wet tea bag..

Life hacks 1 and on that last one-- do people really go to the hospitals for paper cuts? Some others are useful too

I don’t think I should know this, because I’m OBSESSED with stickers. I’ll share the tip anyways

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Know your signs!

you are not always legally obligated to stop at stop signs. GOOD TO KNOW.EXCEPT you would have to pass the stop sign first to find out.

track any package via GPS and tracking number

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When streaming Netflix on a computer, if the signal is sub-par, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift to change buffering rates and force HD video.

I'll do this for emergencies in your car

I'll do this for emergencies in your car

Could save you someday!

Improve your life one hack at a time. 1000 Life Hacks, DIYs, tips, tricks and More. Start living life to the fullest!

I have told a thousand people to do this and they never believe me?! So ha! Lol

1000 Life Hacks When watching a DVD press stop-stop-play-skip to skip the ads and go straight to the movie.

Discounts from Apple

Online Shopping Apple Products Hack Save Money This could be very helpful someday. Doubtful that it works on anything but accessories, though still worth trying!