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Autograph by Nicolas Cage

Columbia Pictures was expecting Nicolas Cage and his new movie, “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence” to cruise to the top of the box office. But Cage’s second outing as Johnny Blaze .


I love them together as friends. Hope there are more Leo-Persassy attacks in Blood of Olympus - Percy Jackson XD

Percabeth forever

Glad You're Not a Guinea Pig -- The Sea of Monsters, Percy Jackson Graphic Novel # first percabeth moment

Jack is my kind of superhero. He could look out for me anytime. :) #WhenCallstheHeart #TeamJack @DLissing @Brian Bird pic.twitter.com/4w9hktpDzT

Daniel.Lissing.Fanz on


Lost Hero, The Son Of Neptune, Mark of Athena, House of Hades, Blood Of Olympus.

RICK RIORDAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>Please?!?! You've already killed most of my favorite characters!

Percy Jackson and Annabeth chase proposal Percy Jackson series books

Potterheads! Anyone catch that ;D

Haha, I love when PJO and Harry Potter fandoms unite. Together, Hermione and Ron make up Annabeth. << Harry and Ron make up percy. Fred and George make up the stoll brothers…one lost in battle as well…

To me, Percy will always stay above the rest

People just don't understand my Percy Jackson obsession. They think I just like the books, but no, I love Percy Jackson. He's my hero, he's inspired me, and made me into who I am today. Thanks Percy!

Annabeth gets what Annabeth wants.... in this case its her Percy

Annabeth gets what Annabeth wants.... in this case its her Percy

NEVER. AND JUST FOR THE RECORD, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE OCTAVIAN EITHER. However, I will say, that I wanted him to die, but I never wanted him to die like that.----I never thought Silena as a bad guy


you just can't like the man who was a douche I THE sally Jackson. I mean she is easily the most badass mother in the series.<<< We can't forgive Octavian for killing my pillow pet ~Percy

Lololol this is so perfect I can't even. #PJO #HOO #FrankZhang

Magna Ryu Defender on

Frank in the beginning of the House of Hades book on top. Frank at the end of House of Hades

The first and last sentences from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series I am going to cry I love PJO Waayyyyyyyyy too much *cries until HoH Comes out*

Opening and finishing lines of the five ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ books - Can't forget your roots, son.<<< Dis made me cry.'( I miss Percy Jackson.