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*on some suicidal shit lol

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I don't have time to be reminessing but I do it anyways

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-it's the queen ✨👸🏾💕-

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the littest pins -

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✌ #goodmorning

That’s what I do Heh.


My mood today


It's actually a good thing people are recognizing how messed up people can be .

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This is the realest thing ever said✨❤️-


me all the time, shit rn just isn't the best

☂. ☺. ☺ ☂

This is a really sad thought

sum like daut, mariahkayhearts

sum like daut, mariahkayhearts

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all fuckin day; everyday cause y'all niggas be tripping over me i don't needa hear what you like n dislike anymore

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It's unfixable pain 😪

This goes to the bich that don't like me bc I'm wit the boy she's liked since 3rd grade

If u don't like me over a nigga u needa find yourself