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Jim Morrison, Phoenix AZ, February 17, 1968, by Paul Ferrara

the-eternal-moonshine: “Jim Morrison, The Doors, Phoenix AZ, February by Paul Ferrara x the-eternal-moonshine ”

rick and the ravens | The Doors' Jim Morrison (left) with Ray Manzarek. Publicity photo.

The Doors’ Manzarek, guitarist Marc Benno remember Morrison

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison in Perfomance at the Dinner Key Auditorium, 1 March 1969

[Collection of Color Transparency Slides of Jim Morrison] , [Photography]: [Music] - brian cassidy, bookseller - intrinsically interesting, important or unusual books bought and sold.

Love hides in the strangest places; love hides in familiar faces; love comes when you least expect it; love hides in narrow corners; love comes to those who seek it; love hides inside the rainbow; love hides in molecular structures; love is the answer.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison, would've been the most amazing thing ever to have seen him perform live.

Jim Morrison

James Douglas Morrison was born on Melbourne, Florida December and every Doors fan have their ow…