(via 1878-79 Claude Monet The church at Vetheuil,snow(dOrsay)(53 x 71cm) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

The Church at Vetheuil under Snow, (oil on canvas) by Monet, Claude info.: Effet de Neige a Vetheuil ou Eglise de Vetheuil

Claude Monet - La Maison d'Yerres, 1876

۩۩ Painting the Town ۩۩ city, town, village & house art - Claude Monet

Claude Monet, "Snow Effect with Setting Sun"

Snow Effect with Setting Sun by Claude Monet prints for sale. Snow Effect with Setting Sun Classic canvas, acrylic, custom frame prints.

Claude Monet The artists garden at Vetheuil.   https://www.facebook.com/Gudsi

The Artist's Garden at Vetheuil Artwork by Claude Oscar Monet Oil Painting & Art Prints on canvas for sale

Claude Monet - Los Nenúfares (30)

El cortometraje que muestra a Claude Monet mientras pinta nenúfares en su jardín de Giverny

Claude Monet - Los Nenúfares (30)

Claude Monet -The grand street entering to Argenteuil, winter. (1885)

The Grand Street Entering to Argenteuil, Winter, 1885 by Claude Monet.

Claude Monet ~*

Claude Monet (French, Impressionism, November Argenteuil Seen from the Small Arm of the Seine, Oil on canvas. Private Collection Posted by Lara