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Boa noite colorida...

Don't know much about feng shui, but I like this color palette! "Have a West facing kitchen? Here are the best feng shui colors for it!

Rustic Colors, winter color scheme

11 beautiful paint palettes inspired by winter

Rustic Colors, winter color scheme

Spectacular, beautiful combination of colors of the earth and water. This classic Union has once: the soul becomes nice and quiet. Browns create an atmosphere of comfort and balance. Aqua give freshness and coolness. Bright Dairy tone balances and provide

In Color Balance

Cheerful composition in warm shades. Yellow, orange, burgundy are active and energetic colors. Rich colors refresh the interior; make the atmosphere in the

Color scheme

This website allows you to create palettes around any color you want, or shows you different color palettes available.


maybe the middle blue for the shutter colors and the dark blue for the color of the door.

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today's inspiration image for { color bouquet } is by Turpin . thank you, Steph, for generously sharing your incredible + inspiring talent in !