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He Will Protect Us All

This should have been the end credit scene.

Excuse me while I give a muffled sob or two.<--Excuse me while I go sob loudly in the corner.my two precious cinnamon roll babies.<<< And excuse me while I pin this and re-watch the Avengers: AOU 'cause of this beautiful art.

His hair does have a Disney princess quality to it...

Seems there are a lot of people obsessed with Thor and they probably wouldn’t mind seeing him shirtless. That’s why Disney is making the Little Thormaid. Thor will be shirtless and wet the whole.

Hela is Loki's daughter if you look at Norse mythology Loki has 3 kids a daughter and 2 sons...

Fan comic of Thor: Ragnarok. Thor was confused about the fact that how similar that Loki and Hela are. The horns, the act, the hair. Don't be sad, Thor Odinson, at least you got the crown.

-Science Bros: "Never Alone" by qunhyskoa- THIS is how brilliant Joss Whedon is. He changes the entirety of Tony and Bruce's relationship from the comics into "The Science Bros" and the transition works so very well. Bruce and Tony are my Brotp

Edward "Tony" Stark o mejor conocido como El Hombre de Hierro u originalmente Iron Man, es un superhéroe que aparece en los cómics publica...

104 geniales ilustraciones de Iron Man [Megapost]

Shield throw by pencilHead7

Shield throw by <--okay but tony watering the flowers while wearing the iron man suit - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!