5 Brilliant Small Space Solutions Inspired by Tiny Homes

5 Brilliant Small Space Solutions Inspired by Tiny Homes

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These examples prove that with proper design, a home short on floor space can be functional. You can view more space saving…

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My favorite little house: kanga cottage 04 480 Sq. Kanga Cottage Cabin with Screened Porch

The perfect work station in a tiny house!

An owner-built tiny house on wheels built from mostly reclaimed materials in Bend, Oregon. Owned and shared by Hannah Tanler. To Be Tanlers Tiny House

A 230-square-foot tiny house on wheels with a built in bookshelf.

What if the couch was the size, with a pull down projecter screen? // A 230 square feet tiny house on wheels in Reno, Nevada.

escape traveler xl tiny house on wheels                                                                                                                                                      More

Escape Traveler XL Tiny House with Full-Size Appliances Can Sleep 8

Remember the Escape Traveler, the fab new mobile tiny home with major amenities like a full-size oven and bathtub? Well, despite already offering one of the more indulgent tiny homes available, the.

Outdoor Bar - Tiny House Nation 224sq ft Entertaining Abode

This small kitchen window opens up to the outside patio, where stools welcome guests for a bbq. Tiny Homes