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For the traveler who's seen it all! The Museum des Egouts—yes, the Sewer Museum, Paris, France

Stock image by Leo Blanchette

clip-art-illustration-2687 - Stock Illustration by Leo Blanchette

ClipArt Illustration of Maintenance Man Working on Sewer System - Stock Illustration by Leo Blanchette

This object, found by construction workers, is of unknown origin and found in soil dating to around 7000 BC....or its the end of a nuclear waste depository. Which is more interesting? (Looks like that thing early man used to dig tunnels)

Resembling some new breed of Stargate emerging from the Earth, the tunnel-boring machine at Yucca Mountain reaches daylight


Israeli archaeologists discover royal passageway to King Herod’s hilltop palace

.Did you know that there were bodies under those heads on Easter Island?

The Rapa Nui (Easter Island) heads have bodies! While this isn't news in the Archaeology world, the discovery of hieroglyphs on the bases sort of is. Really interesting stuff!

This inscription was found at low tide after a major storm in April, 2010, along the beach in Newport, RI not far from the Newport Tower. The inscription reads, "IN HOC SIGNO VINCES," which is a Latin phrase translating to, "With this as your standard you shall have victory." The slogan has been used by various military and religious groups over the centuries, including the Knights Templar. On the back side of the stone there are other markings which we have not yet identified, but one…

The Westford Knight, the Newport Tower, and Related Sites: New Newport Inscription

Ancient alien theorists believe that the Nazca lines of Peru and Ancient stone carvings, such as these from the Vijayanagara Empire of India, suggest that aliens visited Earth hundreds of years ago.

Ancient Sioux Story about a global network of Underground Caves - and the inhabitants of the underworld who gave him a talisman, a mysterious piece of iron which had the ability to emit unusual light capable to melt rocks, cut the trees and change sand into….stone.

Ancient Story About Thousand-Year-Old Underground Network Of Caves millenia-old subterranean worlds every part of the world never ending tunnels and massive caves dug by unknown ancient men Sioux story underground caves