...able to see past, present, and future simultaneously... and I am a genealogist...:

able to see past, present, and future simultaneously. and I am a genealogist.: - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

portermoto:  caterinagiglio:  terrenonussbukorrek: Mary Frey - Three Grackles - From her book Imagining Fauna   (via liquidnight)

“Black was the without eye / Black the within tongue / Black was the heart / Black the liver, black the lungs" - Ted Hughes, Crow (Illustration: Three Grackles, Mary Frey Photography)

A murder of crows: INQUISITION (Raven (bird, crow) Series) Hand printed, Limited edition Intaglio Etching in Blue-black or Brown Ink 2011

Raven (bird, crow) Series- INQUISITION II -new larger version Intaglio Etching image size inch x inch 2011 by Larry Vienneau Jr

Crow silhouette

This untraveled road by tfk. Alice, dayton, seth, nate and a few others including valient are linked togeather so they can communicate without speaking.

DJ Pettitt Mixed Media Artist - Pictify - your social art network

Вороны – тату эскизы • Идеи татуировок с вороном • Ворон – значение тату

Craig Kosak, my new favorite artist, although I couldn't begin to afford any of his work!

Stunning!!! "Raven flight" Tower Hamlets, London  by Chris Skaife ‏

Ravenmaster on