"Ricordati di osare. Anche con i venti contrari." Gabriele d'Annunzio #mementoauderesemper #mantra

silhouette of "Mary Poppins?" tightrope walking with parasol.

Mila Marquis. Esta artista alemana nos regala pequeñas bombas de felicidad en sus alegres ilustraciones llenas de color. Haditas, flores, cervatillos y otros delicados motivos danzan felices en paisajes oníricos haciendo las delicias de aquellos que gustamos contemplar el otro lado de la luna...

♥ A lovely square sized folded card, designed by Mila Marquis, with many cute little details. ♥ Refined with glitter.

Mary Poppins - Replica Snowglobe - Cathedral

The ultimate Disney Geek/Mary Poppins/Snow globe lovin treasure in history. Mary Poppins St Pauls Cathedral Snowglobe on Collectors Quest

I love dancing in the rain!!!!!!!  Best. Thing. Ever.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.It's about learning to dance in the rain." One of my current favorite quotes, plus a lovely ballet dancer!

Cominciare è un buon inizio. Io ti posso aiutare. Contattami http://www.naturalfitness.it/

Cominciare è un buon inizio. Io ti posso aiutare. Contattami http://www.naturalfitness.it/

Essere se stesso è importante

"Everyone is a masterpiece of art. It won't be ever loved by everyone but for those who can see its value it will be priceless"

"You want the Moon Mary? I'll get it for you... I'll throw a lasso around it and bring it down!"   "I'll take it!"   Buffalo girls wont you come out tonight?

Chasing The Moon - Catrin Welz-Stein - Moon kite ! I believe I can fly your moon kite.


Kitten Dreams by Mirsad - a cat's view of the full moon: Giant ball of yarn in the sky

There is a moment in which words are eaten and the silence begins to tell. Hay un momento en el cual las palabras se consumen y el silencio comienza a hablar.

"I like to make shiny, colorful art pieces that appeal to our dreams and urges but actually deal with decay or disillusion", says the Brussels-based artist.

talk about being rocked to sleep! this is part of my on-going series to create my dream bed`room! Now if I can just talk my husband into installing a pond in the bed room.