Kahuka Koffee by snaillad http://j.mp/2DXdINk

Andrew Tate’s Kahuka Koffee building was inspired from elements of Neo-classical and Baroque Revival architecture. The six story building only has one finished interior, the coffee shop, whic…

LEGO Building Images | LEGO Cathedral and City Building 30 Coolest LEGO buildings of ALL TIME ...amazing talent!!

30 Coolest LEGO buildings of ALL TIME!

A bunch of great LEGO buildings from around the world. Get Bricked: 31 Incredible Examples of Lego Architecture

Castor City | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Castor City - So much work & bricks, but I would so love to work with that…

Noddy's castle masterpiece

I’ve never known Karwik (aka Noddy) to build castles, but I guess I was utterly wrong. Check out the amazing Tower of Brothers with a beautiful interior reminiscent of some ancient ruins.