Alfred Stieglitz

Four-man bicycle is powered by five chains and has brakes on both its wheels, The bike was built by Art Rothschild (top position) who broke three ribs while learning how to ride it. (Photo by Wallace Kirkland/Time & Life Pictures)

Concept Bike, Marina Gatellli

Kevlar Concept Bikes~i Gadgets - The Very Latest Gadgets. I would like to have this bike

XYN: Solar-powered electric bike is inspired by butterflies - -   Keep it GREEN and Enjoy!

eco bike by Ishaan Bharat~i gadgets technology electronics Gadgets - The Very Latest Gadgets.


d-d-d: konishiroku: shinobixx: isbsh: Old school fixie tricks.

Hitchcock on bike

22 Photos Of Alfred Hitchock Being A Big Goof

Alfred Hitchcock riding his bicycle to the Cannes International Film Festival, 1972

Veloisto - doyoulikevintage:   Old bicycle shops

Vintage photo Old bicycle shops, London & UK. Photo b/w. Oldie, old bikes, cool wheels, history.

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steampunktendencies: “ Victus Mortus More like this in our groups:

Bill Cunningham.  "He who seeks beauty shall find it."

Bill Cunningham, the iconic NYC street fashion photographer. He captures style for the NY Times - all from his bicycle. Wonderful documentary: "Bill Cunningham New York"

A bike for the entire family... that also has a built in sewing machine for Mom! (USA, 1939)

Entire Family Bike With Built-In Sewing Machine. Because, ya case one of them falls and rips a whole in their britches. Just bring along the sewing machine & mom can fix it right up on the spot and off they go.

A breakdown of the Wild Dragster bike from the July 1969 issue of Popular Mechanics.

Zaz Von Schwinn uploaded this 1969 Popular Mechanics diagram showing the specs for a spectacular dragster bicycle with all the trimmings. Popular Mechanics July 1969 page 152 (Thanks, Fipi Lele!

Amphibious bicycle This land-and-water bike can carry a load of 120 pounds; Paris, 1932

Amphibious Bike ‘Cyclomer’ on land and water can ride with a load of 120 pounds, Paris, 1932