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New York-based artist Daniel Forero introduces us a project titled Concept / Image in which he confers a new identity to familiar objects such as pencils, ice c

You could re-create this using a two way mirror, two actors, and lighting.Even with no glass at all!  have both in a mask, and looking at each other.  THen, you migth have him turn around and the reflection stays, or the reflection turns, only to turn back and yell at them at the right moment.

Surreal Photography, Bobby Becker Nashville-based photographer Bobby Becker captures eerie imagery in a minimal yet dramatic way. [[MORE]]His work combines aspects of sculpture and post manipulation.

Walking the fish

Walking the fish fish need large tanks so the water has a large enough surface area for the water to be clean and the goldfish get oxygen

Colorful Still Life Photography by Aleksandra Kingo : Capturing The Vibrancy of…

Colorful Still Life Photography by Aleksandra Kingo

Lithuanian photographer Aleksandra Kingo and her stunning still life series for House of Peroni. Such cool quirky pastel color photography.

@DOMFRIDAY FOLLOW Australia-based designer and visual artist Domenic Bahmann is an expert at working with symmetry and humor.His various editorial illustrations and conceptual images have become infamous for their clever arrangements and composition. We’re particularly fond of his work for Australian House and Garden Magazine where he sheds light on the implications of making connections. [...]

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Looks like Wicked or OZ.

Gatsby connects the green light to a person; This photo shows green light being cascaded onto a person.