the-girlygeek: // My lil study situation from Thursday 🌸 Apologies for being MIA this week, I was in quite a bit of pain at the beginning of the week and the baby brother has just gotten sick.

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I wish I could work like that. That view is relaxing and it inspirates me. That's my dream workplace

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A cup of coffee on your laptop. Sure. It looks cute but... I wouldn't try it.

A cup of coffee on your laptop. This is what my desk looks like exept for the coffee on the computer

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studyisfun: I was not feeling motivated today, but moved my work downstairs and am trying to persevere. Have two exams in the next two days then I’m finished. Wish me luck!

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study motivation This makes me want to pull out my books, arrange my desk in the similar way and study away!

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✨Pinterest✨: @baddiebecky21| Bex ♎️ |