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Baby boomers portrayed in a 2003 parody of "American Gothic."

Meaning of 'Gothic' in beholder's eye / Image permeated American consciousness in ways artist never expected

Modernized American Gothic - have students choose a historical artwork and manipulate it so that it looks like the scene was from current times.

A long neck and a growler.

With apologies to the Old Masters: The animalistic masterpieces by Van Goat and Vermiaow

Don't they have rednecks, not long necks, in the Midwest? American Gothic by Grant Wood

American gothic muppet parody

36 Pop Cultural Reinventions Of The American Gothic Painting

Gothic "Ninja"

My collection of American Gothic Parodies. These images are divded into groups based on when or how they are used, such as Advertisments or Editorials where American Gothic is used to make a statement or just make us laugh.

Charles Schulz, Schulz chose to stop drawing the comic strip after 50 years, and coincidentally died the day before the last original “Peanuts” cartoon appeared in newspapers on February