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El Titanic deixant a babor els vaixells New York i Oceanic.

A rare photo showing the Titanic on April 1912 at Southampton. As she disembarked with great fanfare, the ocean liner on the left, The City of New York, had her mooring lines snapped by the swell of the great huge Titanic, only narrowly missing being

Here's the cover of my book about the Caldwells, "A Rare Titanic Family," published by NewSouth Books.  I know you'll love the book.

A Rare Titanic Family: The Caldwells Story of Survival: Julie Hedgepeth Williams: - great book!

The elaborate ornamental clock of Time and Glory at top of TITANIC's Grand staircase.

An elaborate clock, depicting Honour and Glory Crowning Time, was the most noticeable feature of the Grand Staircase's boat deck landing.

The last photograph of the Titanic afloat as she leaves Queenstown (now Cobh), Ireland.

The last photograph of the Titanic afloat as she leaves Queenstown (now Cobh), Ireland, 1912

Edward J Smith, Captain; Titanic

Captain of Titanic Edward John Smith Born 27 January 1850 Hanley, Staffordshire, England Died 15 April 1912 (aged Atlantic Ocean

Titanic artifacts

This October 2011 image provided by RMS Titanic, Inc. shows a hat from the RMS Titanic which was recovered from the ocean floor during an expedition to the site of the tragedy. (AP Photo/RMS Titanic, Inc.

May 31, 1911: Launch of the Titanic at Harland & Wolff. Grandfather, Edward B. Whitley, steel worker/boiler maker was aboard.

Titanic sea trials and launch facts and information. 1912 Titanic launch and sinking, Titanic Facts, Titanic Information, Titanic Merchandise


The British passenger liner RMS Titanic leaves from Southampton, England on her maiden voyage, April Titanic called at Cherbourg, France and Queenstown, Ireland before heading westward toward New York.

Last pic of the Titanic

Last known picture of the titanic above water, 1912

One I haven't seen!

As a tugboat guided the Titanic out of Southampton, photographers recorded the moment from a nearby ship. Five days later this symbol of the gilded age lay at the bottom of the North Atlantic.


36 Pictures Of The Construction Of The Titanic

Titanic in Belfast Lough

The trials commenced on the April Andrews was on board making notes of minor adjustments and overseeing the trials. The Titanic was towed down the Belfast Lough by the tugs Hercules, Herculaneum, Huskisson, Hornby and Herald.

Titanic... 100 yrs April 15th 2012

Lyrics to Terra Titanic (Lost To The Sea): all was dark and the sky was still a blinding mist closing in unconcerned the young captain fills his whiskey glas.