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 this is too funny

Hahahah but actually I don't think that Suho would ever leave Chanyeol and Lay together because of *cough* obvious reasons

relating to this anyone?

I may not be a Sehun Stan but this is the best thing I have seen today

Aww sweet little unicorn. You're so cute. *pats head*

nope not funny at all *muffled laughter/ screaming *

Saw his reaction to Lose Control? I was literally him

Chanyeol's reaction to Lose Control tho (although I wish Yixing reacted to Chanyeol reacting to him)

Yeah, me too...  but I drink tea... when my kettle broke I thought the work would go under...

Chen: *give out heating packets to ghosts* Xiumin: *walks too fast for the ghosts to jump out*