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Since the release of the iconic Barbie doll in 1959, however, it has changed quite a bit, changing along with the ideals that society set for women. Tumblr user Tenaflyviper collected headshots of barbies from every year since 1959 and combined them in collages so we can watch them evolve.

56 Years Of Barbie’s Evolution


Barbie n'était pas bien commode dans les 60's

Voici à quoi ressemble l'évolution de la célèbre poupée Barbie entre 1959 et 2015 ! Commercialisée depuis 1959 par Mattel

L’évolution de la Barbie entre 1959 et 2015

56 Years The Fascinating Evolution Of Barbie’s Face Over The Past

tenaflyviper: “ I was curious as to exactly how Barbie’s face has changed across the span she’s been around.

Evolution Of Barbie Body Evolution-barbie�large-msg

the evolution of Barbie's hair Mine was the top one, from the left, dark bubbleheads. Where is that Barbie now?

Barbie fountain mermaid :-)

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