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Should I be worried, this looks super cool but...should you really put those two together after bill went into Stan's mind? Also, there has to be a Bipper doll because that's just awesome

Stanford "Stan" Pines, also known by the nickname Grunkle Stan, is Dipper and Mabel Pines great uncle and summer guardian. Includes Bill Cipher and a mystery scroll! - High quality toy from Jazwares.

Emmy Cicierega drawing Gravity Falls?!?!? IVJAKVIQKBIRJQIHJQ

DIPPER: Mabel… did you hear that? I think I heard something… MABEL: Dipper, look at this cute little puppy I found!

So Cute, It's a Mystery! Gravity Falls Chibis!!

So Cute, It's a Mystery

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I wish season 2 would start over...

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