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I take it back, purple hair NamJoon is my favorite NamJoon. (Who am I kidding every NamJoon is my favorite NamJoon)

RapMon has the brightest smile

That dimple smile can cause heart attack to armys

ive wanted this hair colour for literal years and every time i see namjoon with it there are fireworks of joy in my heart

141125 BTS @ Myeongdong Fansign - Rap Mon

141125 BTS @ Myeongdong Fansign - Rap Mon i definitely want your complxion Namjoon

Rap monster

Stay in your damn lane rap mon

I was looking for some Jin's pics and this one appeared. NamJin is real guys

Rap monster Kim NAMJOON bts bangtan boys leader airport fashion red and black jacket blonde hair

#wattpad #romance En esta historia te voy a hacer que imagines como seria tener a bts como novio Espero y les guste

Imagina con BTS - ®Rapmonster ® parte 2

Get yourself somebody who looks at you the way Rap Monster looks at fans.

Olhaa q covinha fofaaa

Olhaa q covinha fofaaa, te amo, Namjoon

'Your eyes stole all my words away'♡

'Your eyes stole all my words away'♡

Resultado de imagem para kim namjoon

"Namjoon made eye contact when the shorter boy caught him staring, 'o… Fanfiction

Rapmon- there's always that one guy in a kpop group who keeps changing their hair. Never thought it be Rapmon tbh but he kills this!

His red hair kills me!

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“when he smiles at you like this ”