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Kaiju. Pacific Rim: Uprising

Kaiju. Pacific Rim: Uprising

Angels descending into Hell, where a God rages war with demons for the future of the Earth.

This is a different viewpoint of the HALO Jump from the Godzilla movie. I like how it is shown from a bystanders point of view.

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Sacrilegium by ramsesmelendeze cemetery ghoul ghost wraith monster beast creature animal

Steel predator

Jared Dunn uploaded this image to 'Evil Creatures'. See the album on Photobucket.

Emela-ntouka is a Central African giant elephant-killing beast with a huge horn like a rhino. It makes a terrible snort/growl noise

Rampaging Ntouka Monster from Guild Wars Nightfall. The Emela-ntouka is an African legendary creature in the mythology of the Pygmy tribes, and a cryptid purported to live in Central Africa. Its name means "killer of the elephants"

Something I did for Konami SG almost 1 year ago. Their game finally launched - Chain of Souls Bone Dragon