Moi Tea Spears

Beautiful Portraits by Moi Tea Spears

I like this art piece again because of the bold black and white colours, and also that it seems so unfinished, but you can still tell its a portrait, and if you look closely, the seemingly random black splodges, which at first glance make the piece look unfinished, when looked at closer, look like some form of jacket or coat, and hair on the persons head.

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Mesmerizing Mixed Media Portraits (12 total)

Using a variety of different tools including a bic pen, watercolors and Chinese ink, artist Florian Nicolle creates amazing, mixed media portraits. After a rigorous amount of drawing and painting, she then adds texture and detail using Photoshop.

Digital Art by Alexander Fedosov

echo Alexander Fedosov is an artist based in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. thelxiepeia priya Portrait of a girl peisinoe nyx medusa Harlequin guardian Deionarra sachiel banshee view the website

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Artist of the day: Florian Nicole!

Florian Nicolle is a French graphic designer who has produced a collection of beautiful mixed media illustrations: a combination of dripped paint, newspaper overlays, line drawings and washes of tone.

"Crystal", Portrait Illustration by Mario Alba Illustration from Spain. @Mario_Alba_

Portrait Illustration by Mario Alba. Watercolor and mixed media. Female portraits with abstract touches really seem to catch my eye.

Agnes Cecil, In Trouble She Will. Ap digital project. First photo the quick lines then drip the black paint with glue

In Trouble She Will

7 Black And White Art Prints to Add to Your Home // All Women Stalk // 'In Trouble She Will' by Agnes Cecile is available at Eyes On Walls

Very feminine and soft wisps of hair is exquisite who is this artist?

Passer by Wang Ling is a digital artist, also an IC engineer who’s currently living in Hong Kong. Kiss good bye Hunt Twins God of death Judge Surprise Quiet Angel View the… Continue Reading →