Wintergarden Racade / Studio 505

Wintergarden Façade / Studio 505

Fachada Wintergarden / Studio 505

Galería de Fachada Wintergarden / Studio 505 - 1

How's this for a facade? Australian firm 505 Studio has created this chaotic grille as the facade for the Wintergarden shopping center in Brisbane, Australia.

Galería de Departamento en Minami-Azabu / HMAA - 1

Galería de Departamento en Minami-Azabu / HMAA - 1

i was quite sure that they were drawers ut now just a few mins ago I realized that they were balconies

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Galería de Fachada Wintergarden / Studio 505 - 1

Galería de Fachada Wintergarden / Studio 505 - 1

Firma Casa: behind a living green wall

Firma Casa Store, by SuperLimão Studio + Campana Brothers, São Paulo, Facade covered with thousands of plant-filled vases

Color architectuur

Color architectuur

Fachada Wintergarden / Studio 505,© John Gollings

Galería de Fachada Wintergarden / Studio 505 - 4

Melbourne design practice studio 505 has recently seen their highly textured façade for a Brisbane shopping centre come to life. The sq m Wintergarden Façade is a complex new steel screening system on the front of a thriving retail

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Eclipsis System metal shutter on Lumenhaus by mcdanielism, via Flickr

Eclipsis System metal shutter Lumanhaus self sustaining and fully self reliant home built buy Virginia Tech

You know how sometimes filmmakers leave their cameras out for hours to make time lapse videos? And the results look like really cool neon lights over a harbor or street or a baby turtle smoking a cigarette or something? Imagine if you could make that in a few minutes without a camera and without neon lights. All you have to do is slop tons of brightly colored paint on strategic points of a busy intersection and let the cars do the rest.

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◼︎◼︎▪︎◼︎◼︎ Used 500 liters of eco-friendly paint to convert the rosenthaler platz intersection in berlin into a painting tracing the cars crossing the intersection.