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Ice Cream Painting by Luigi Benedicenti #deceadent_desserts #food_art  #mega_realism

Amazing Hyperreal Paintings of Decadent Desserts

Luigi Benedicenti - modern exponent of "extreme realism". Benedicenti replaces the fish and meat that used to decorate the dining rooms of the leisure class with contemporary Italian patisserie, ice cream and classy drinks.

Stunning Photo Realistic Food Paintings by Luigi Benedicenti

Photorealistic Food Paintings That Will Make Your Mouth Water, By Luigi Benedicenti - Colors And Joy

Tjalf Sparnaay paintings - Google zoeken

Paintings by Luigi Benedicenti

Luigi Benedicenti Photorealist Paintings (Italian, b.

Saatchi Online Artist: Emma May Riley; Oil Painting "Glass of Water"

Glass of Water Painting by Emma May Riley

Glass of Water, Emma May Riley - Oil Painting:


"Fruitsalade" 60 x 60 cm © Tjalf Sparnaay

DialogArte: fotorealismo

hyper realistic paintings that look like photographs pedro campos

Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay uses his style of 'mega-realism' to create incredibly life-like pictures of desserts and other food.

A feast for the eyes: Artist's incredible oil paintings of food look good enough to eat

The work of Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay. The hopes his paintings allow the viewer to 're-experience reality, to re-discover the essence of the thing that has become so ordinary'

Excelentes pinturas hiperrealistas de Mary Ellen Johnson

Excelentes pinturas hiperrealistas de Mary Ellen Johnson

"Big Ice Cream" - Mary Ellen Johnson, oil on panel {contemporary realism dessert cone still life painting}

Mary Ellen Johnson "Icecream on the brain"

Dessert Paintings That Look Real Enough to Eat

Mary Ellen Johnson "Icecream on the brain"

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Quadro do pintor holandês, Tjalf Sparnaay.

Tjalf Sparnaay paintings - Google zoeken

Tjalf Sparnaay paintings - Google zoeken

Фотографии Декор плюс декупаж – 28 745 фотографий | ВКонтакте

Kai Fine Art is an art website, shows painting and illustration works all over the world.

Oil Painting, looks real.

High Marks - by - Eric Christensen - Watercolor Paintings - Judith Hale Gallery

Watercolor food art. Would love these as art prints for my kitchen.

I'd love to illustrate food

Ian Bodnaryk, acrylic on panel {contemporary still life ice cream donuts pastries desserts #hyperreal food painting} ianbodnaryk.com

painted treats by ian bodnaryk

Hyperreal paintings of decadent desserts

Amazing Hyperreal Paintings of Decadent Desserts

Photorealistic Food Paintings of Luigi Benedicenti Un genio