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Note: Dont say that to a PLL fan

People who hate pll haven't lived x or they've lived under a rock

LOL. Pretty Little Liars i had a felling when that money was in dresser drawer thought lol but he hadn't done anything else so I never thought it was him again lol

Pretty little liars + taylor swift. EzrA world war A. Can't believe it.


Theory: EF + AD = Ezra Fitz(gerald) + Alison DiLaurentis instead of Emily Fields - Pretty Little Liars Interesting theory


17 "Pretty Little Liars" Memes That Said Exactly What You Were Thinking hahaha laughing so hard. Can you say hypocrite?

They were hinting at it the whole time!!!!

They were hinting it the whole time! Also with the "when you devote yourself to a man. even his faults, even his SON" holy shit