And left Peeta behind.

My name is Katniss Everdeen. My home is District I was in the Hunger Games. I escaped. Mockingjay p. to survive

The Hunger Games

"This trip doesn’t end when you get back home. You never get off this train." --- Haymitch I'm such an Everlark Fan

The Hunger Games text-off....IT'S ON!!!!!

The Hunger Games text-off. Most of these characters are ones the movies left out. I especially hated that the movies left out Katniss's prep team.

No podemos darle tan poco crédito a Gale, acompañó a Katniss cuando era ella pequeña y la ayudó a cazar. Además, su nombre no es mencionado tanto porque él no fue a los Juegos, y obviamente Katniss no va a pensar tanto en él cuando estaba allá. Que no haya estado en la época más difícil de Katniss es porque él sabía que ella necesitaba tiempo para perdonarlo,se sentía cumplable y  sabía que Peeta era el indicado para Katniss.

Oh course Gale has less names than Peeta, he wasn't in either of the games. How about you go back to before the games and see if Peeta has more names than Gale.

It's going to destroy us....

It's going to destroy us.Is it odd I am looking forward to this, I love Peeta and I know this will hurt but I want to see how they do this,

I'm really glad I read this. It's definitely something people usually don't think of. Everyone is so caught up with Katniss and Peeta (and Finnick Haymitch Effie Prim...) that they seem to forget Gale deserves as much consideration as they do. And that's because they blame him for something he didn't really do, he was taken advantage of as well. To Coin he was still a pawn to move use however she wanted, although she did so to make him believe he was a knight. (Don't get me wrong, Peeta was…

I don't ship Gale and Katniss but I think it's pretty shitty when people blame Gale for what happened. It's not his fault and I think he got severely screwed over in the end