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Hwang Minhyun - Final Produce 101 Season 2.Congratulation boy! I'll support and wait for you to comeback as nu'est Uurgh,...

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Lai Guanlin // Produce 101 Season 2

4 my nam thê hê mơi đươc fan phát hiện tai Produce 101

For a moment there, i thought he was jungkook

When pregnant and give birth are both challenging but not as much when you finally become parents :) Couples: Yongguk x Sihyun Minhyun x Hyunbin Daniel x Seong.

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Imagen de wanna one, wanna one daehwi, and produce 101

PRODUCE 101 - Lee Daehwi

"You stole my heart, but i'll let you keep it" ♡WannaOne♡daehwi