Explore Chair, Bts Memes, and more!

Omg if this legit happened I swear I would literally cry

I swear if this was me i would be screaming while falling off my chair and then trying to get close to him!

While I look like a crippled turtle hiding from the cold

Awww I can see Tae's little face in the second one, not sure who the first one is tho, think its Kook?

My cousin told me this yesterday. I don't think she realized how close to her death she was.

I will legit have a 30 minute discussion about what makes each and every member different from the rest whether it be lips, eyes, aiissh don't get me started

Looking at you YouTube Also a big sorry to my friends But you know you love it

I joined Kpop because my friend keeps talking about them even tho she knows I don't know anything about it.So I decided to try it myself by watching EXO Showtime and Idk if I regret tht decision or not.

I can relate *sets taekook selca as wallpaper*

This happened to me in class the other day, and she was like you got a Chinese boyfriend, and I looked at her with a bitch face and said, "He's Korean.

Kook & Hobie <3 Son un amooor

It's beautiful! Because, of course, he is the golden maknae<<<< he's like a little onion plant. or radish.