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Amelia Bloomer

spats tutorial pattern diy instructions duck tape over long socks while wearing them, cut them off then use them as a pattern Festive Attyre: DIY spats pattern

Vintage Photos Capture Lovely Moments of Animals with People

Leaping horse while riding side saddle and wearing a corset. That woman is amazing.

A penny farthing built for two...

Are they having fun? :) <> How'd you like to have to wear that lady's get-up when you jump on your bike? (vintage tandem bike, bicycle, whew) To those bike riding pioneers who worked the kinks out for us - hats off!

File:PSM V88 D069 Motorized dovecote for homing pigeons.png

Pigeon truck one job that has definitely gone away. that would be pigeon carrier driver for communications during a World War. ~ But carrier pigeons are still being used for transmitting secret messages for the elites who keep and own them.

Edgar Allan Poe with Abraham Lincoln in Mathew Brady’s Washington, D.C. studio. February 4th, 1849 #History

FAKE: Edgar Allan Poe poses with Abraham Lincoln in Mathew Brady’s Washington, D. studio- February NOPE, this is a fake photo created for the book Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter.

bike with front mounted child's seat.

Vintage photograph father riding child on bicycle Summertime bike ride in the good old days

Werfel, una niña huérfana de 6 años de Austria sólo se ha dado su primer par de zapatos nuevos por la Cruz Roja Americana, 1946.

Austrian boy receiving new shoes after WWII. "New Shoes" by Gerald Waller, Austria Six year-old Werfel, living in an orphanage in Austria, hugs a new pair of shoes given to him by the American Red Cross. This photo was published by Life magazine.

Telephone engineer in London, 1925.

Telephone engineer attaching the main telephone cable to a new support wire, Mayfair, London, 1925


Four prize winners in the 1922 beauty show at Washington Bathing Beach, Washington, D.I think if they knew what we think is 'beauty' now, they would be appalled.