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Welcome to the world of dragons (although some are missing)

Welcome to the world of dragons (although some are missing)

Awesome dragon pokemon pic, though it is outdated lol<<< "Outdated? 'Cause it doesn't have rainbow deer and the bird of mass destruction?

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Sorry Gardevoir, it’s the rule of the internet. But luckily, Swampert is there to look after you : Yes, I purposely search those images for the sake of this comic.

Admit it, this episode did 2 things. Made you cry and cuddle your animals screaming "WHY AREN'T YOU A POKEMON!!!!!"

Must. Resist. Tears.

This episode made me cry so bad. Teaching kids what it means to have best friends. (Pokemon) when pokemon episodes were still good. ==> This Is My Ałł Time Favorite Episøde

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Team Rocket and their Pokemon. James is best. Poor Pokemon that don't have james. And SHE has them.

James is to epic to be with team rocket! he cares and loves his pokemon so much! he is the best pokemon trainer to me!