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The latest #design of bus stop #seat... Taken from: http://outofmyshed.co.uk/

The latest design of bus stop seat.love this and looking forward to seeing it on Sunday Tap our link now!

(57) Smart ideas for Smarter cities #graphic design, its like advertising, bench and bus shelter , hello huge advertising opportunities | Pinterest

IBM Smart ideas for smarter cities. IBM campaign from Ogilvy & Mather France. Outdoor advertising becomes urban street furniture.

Hampton Court flower show: Double yellow lines form a bench in The Edible Bus Stop garden

Urban growth: Hampton Court Palace flower show – in pictures

Delirious Frites installation by Les Astronautes

Hundreds of pool noodles invade an abandoned alley in Québec City, Canada, for the Delirious Frites installation created by creative collective Les Astronautes. fun interactive street art installation for summer fun when the kids are bored

Banana peel wet floor signs! :O

Funny pictures about All wet floor signs should look like this. Oh, and cool pics about All wet floor signs should look like this. Also, All wet floor signs should look like this.

The 21st Century Museum of Art of Kanazawa, Japan: Swimming Pool, Leandro Erlich

Leandro Erlich “Swimming Pool” - When seen from the deck, the pool appears to be filled with deep, shimmering water. In fact, however, a layer of water only some 10 centimeters deep is suspended over.

Bus Stop, Baltimore cool and creative, not sure how many people can stay dry in the rain but I like its creativity

Bus Stop, Baltimore - excellent example of functional art and brilliant design.

another zip pond

Ju Chun, a renowned Taiwanese sculptor, created this Zipper Lotus Pond for the Juming Museum located just outside Taipei, Taiwan. Very creative way of illustrating the end of a pond!

Power Lines - Iceland. Авторство эскиза принадлежит американскому бюро Choi+Shine Architects. Этот проект «Земля гигантов» (Land of Giants), «рассматривается в связи со строительством линий электропередач в ближайшем будущем».

Travel: Iceland - Land Of Giants, awesome human-like and reindeer-like electric poles!This cool company flawlessly transformed regular and boring electrical pylons into creative parts of the Icelandic landscape." ExPress-O

Cada verano, la ciudad suiza de Vercorin ofrece sus espacios públicos y edificios a artistas urbanos para que creen obras de arte contemporáneas como esta que podemos apreciar.

A Swiss Village Becomes an Experiment in Modern Art

MY COMMENT: This would work nice in a carpet design. "Every summer the small Swiss town of Vercorin offers up its public spaces and buildings to artists to create contemporary works of art. This is Lang/Baumann‘s 'Street Painting

David Zinn Green alien (Sluggo)

Le divertenti creature di David Zinn

Amazing Street art of David Zinn Sluggo 432 Sidewalk Chalk Art Of Sluggo By David Zinn

These all together on the water brings magic to the pond  65,000 Recycled CDs Form Colorful Floating Waterlilies by http://www.brucemunro.co.uk

Colorful Floating Waterlilies Made of 65,000 Recycled CDs

Recycled CDs Form Colorful Floating Waterlilies by Bruce Munro. Again, i love re-purposed art; art made of trash. This was quite interesting and i think would look good as an instillation in some city.

Matite colorate giganti nella foresta,   Jonna Pohjalainen

Color Pencils Artist: Jonna Pohjalainen, Helsinki Location: Pedvale, Latvia Local aspen trees sharpened and ends painted to resemble colored pencils. Now that's one HUGE colored pencil!

- Tumbling Cards Bench, Mexico City. #artwork 3streetart #publicart #cards http://www.pinterest.com/TheHitman14/art-streetpublic-%2B/

Street Art: Mexico City's Urban Furniture

Street Art Exhibit A: Playing Cards Bench. Visit Mexico and Interact with its Urban Art.