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Odin (Alfadir) : " Worship of Odin may date to Proto-Germanic paganism. The Roman historian Tacitus may refer to Odin when he talks of Mercury. The reason is that, like Mercury, Odin was regarded as Psychopompos, "guide of souls".

In Norse mythology, Nótt (Old Norse “night”) is night personified, grandmother of Thor. In stanza 30 of the poem Alvíssmál, Thor asks the dwarf Alvíss to tell him what night is called in each of the nine worlds, whom “Nórr” birthed. Alvíss responds that night is referred as “night” by mankind, “darkness” by the gods, “the masker by the mighty Powers”, “unlight” by the jötunn, “joy-of-sleep” by the elves, while dwarves call her “dream-Njörun” (meaning “dream-goddess”).

In Norse mythology, Nótt is night personified, grandmother of Thor. (Art: A Posing Soldier by Janni Nielsen)


Wear yours scars with pride because as scar-less man has not felt the hardship of life or the feeling of pain. Scars are often reminders of the cost of success

Norse goddess, Hel

Hel - half flesh half undead, Hel is the daughter of Loki and ruler of Niflheim, the Norse land of the dead.

Did you know? Vikings and kittens. What??? This is fantastic. Gonna have to add this to my Freya tattoi!!!

Did you know? Vikings and kittens. A cat in the household was probably highly valued because they could help control Rats & Mice.

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Iceland Building a Pagan Temple Dedicated to the Norse gods (You Remember the Vikings -Thor-yeah those gods)