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Va-Voom Vintage: Pin Curls 101

Pin curls 101 via Va-Voom Vintage. My mom would do my whole head in pin curls. At the time I wanted curlers, but it's nice to know now that pin curls showed real talent!

Continue this process until all of your hair has been pinned up. Air-dry or diffuse hair until it feels thoroughly cooled to the touch. If you like, you can wrap your hair in a silk scarf and sleep on it overnight to ensure that it's completely dry.

This Easy DIY Proves Anyone Can Do Pin Curls Like a Pro

While I adore my curling iron (and wouldn't go on a vacation without it!), there is something to be said for being able to travel light. That's why pin curls

Get your dose of pretty by trying out this hairstyle inspired by Rita Hayworth | The Beauty Department


Modern version - 1940s 1950s victory rolls pin up wavy long hair style vintage retro

20 Elegant Retro Hairstyles 2018 - Vintage Hairstyles for Women

I'm a World War II re-enactor (among other time periods), and at events I'm frequently asked by the public and other re-enactors how I manage to get my hair to look like this. So here's a hair "do"...

Tutorial - Easy Vintage Hair by *MauserGirl on deviantART Cutest hair tutorial ever!

Crown Lift - I'm tempted to not pin because I think "Oh, that's simple, I'll remember that." I won't. I won't remember that.

Crown lift plus 9 other illustrated styles. Show me a picture & I can do it. This just made my life so much hairstyle Style