COLOR CRUSH 1.27.2014 #colorpalette

Color Crush 1.27.2014

ВЯЖЕМ С БИСЕРОМ авторские схемы и не только | VK

Cheerful rainbow palette rich in bright colors. Raspberry color baby pink, accompanied by a gray-green shades create a rich and significant scale. White balance and harmonize. Such paints are suitable for bright accents in the interior

Color Crush 3.6.2014 - Angie Sandy #colorpalette

Color Crush 3.6.2014


Color Crush 1.31.2014

❤️Please pin the most beautiful pictures showcasing these shades. Thank you all for making this such a pretty group board!

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Color Crush 10.6.2013

Stylish surface patterns, illustration, and stationery design from a creative spirit!

Color Crush 2.10.14 Angie Sandy

Color Crush 2.10.2014

Color Palette for Jewelry and Friendship Bracelets Inspiration (Four)