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quarelle de L. Vallet : Trompette des Carabiniers (1806).

SIte of Jean Louis Couturier - Trumpet (First Empire continued) - Trumpet (First Empire continued)

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Пруссия. Карабинеры-егеря.

Пруссия. Карабинеры-егеря.

1e Carabinier c1812 by Rousselot:

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Carabinier trumpeter with 1812 regulation jacket for muscians (I might add, an ill-conceived idea, and some units never fully implemented it;  some regiments at Napoleon's last battle, Waterloo, were still wearing pre-1812 styles).

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Geschichte als Hobby: Sehen - Lesen - Spielen: Celle 2015 - The picture report (Waterloo anniversary)

Celle 2015 - The picture report (Waterloo anniversary)

Вюртемберг. Лёгкая кавалерия. 1812 г.

Вюртемберг. Лёгкая кавалерия. 1812 г.

Наполеоновские войны - Планшеты

Imperial Guard: Squadron of Lithuanian Tartars, Private,

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Sergeant standard-bearer, Regiment of Carabiniers,