The only approval I need is my own.

LOL, i feel like i’ve been really hard on leos xD y'all know i’m just teasing right? i /actually/ love you lion people

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If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself

Maybe this is why people get so frustrated with me. But this is totally me. I've got a lot of Aries in the planets in my natal chart, even though I am an early April taurus.

I get this quite a fair bit! The second bit i have to say.. only when you are in my war path! :p

We are intimidating because we see through the bullshit and lies! And because wr cpme directly at someone we don't play head games and shit. People are afraid of what the dont understand or cant control!

You can choose which one you see.

I respect Aries so much , i love most of them. I do think of Aries as a zodiac cousin