A lot of people keep asking me for my brush settings so here you goooooo~ Heads up though, it's a pretty strong brush so it's best for quick, sharp stro.

trashout: “re: question about brush settings I tend to fiddle around with it and change it depending on my mood, but this is generally the brush i use for most things outside of painting. It gives a pretty hard crisp line with a sharp edge!

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twudle: “For people curious about my settings I use the brush tool for almost everything, even for lineart. Easy for rough sketching. Blending, works better with a texture thrown in.

some of my SAI brushes! I use this one for lineart These 2 are for freckles This is for hair (when I’m lazy) And these are experiments that ended up looking cool

Hopefully this all makes sense, I've had a couple people ask for a tutorial now so here yah gooo~ Drawing/Colouring Tutorial

I’ve been seeing this post floating around with these handsome pretty photoshop brushes and decided to see if I could mimic the effects in SAI.