Doctor for the criminals.

character bank / writing prompt // A doctor who has lost their license and ability to practice, so they take up a job in organized crime doing surgeries for gang members who get shot/stabbed.

#wattpad #random Story prompts to use at your leisure ~ I suggest not directly using the prompt, but gaining inspiration from it. That way you don't end up with a similar story to someone else who used the same prompt!  All I ask is that you tell me if you use the prompt, that way I can go read your story! ;)  Enjo...

Story Prompts - {95}

Writing Prompt -- As a kid, you made a "time travel password" as a joke for if your future self ever tried to contact you. You had forgotten all about it until today - when you received an email with it as the subject line.

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"Everyone is born with blond hair. Their hair turns brown when they lose their innocence." <--- and not in a virginity-type way. I wonder what it would mean if someone was born with red/orange hair or black or brown hair?

22 Tumblr Posts That Will Make All Writers Laugh And Then Hysterically Cry

22 Tumblr Posts That Will Make All Writers Laugh And Then Hysterically Cry

character design

veronica veronica(if jd touches it she probably smacks him with pillows) jd veronica jd veronica veronica(jd)

Oh, this seems like a Medieval/Fantasy AU. Can just be two princes, or two princesses.

Writing Prompt -- A dictator spends his evenings disguised among his citizens, plotting to overthrow the government because he doesn't want to rule anymore.