Beauty and The Beast: do people come up with these things lol

Beauty and the Beast: Twilight Belle's father Maurice as Bella's father Charlie Belle as Bella Swan Prince Adam as Edward Cullen Gaston as James Beauty And The Beast - Imgur

Beauty And The Beast

Very, sadly, true. One of my favorite disney movies. And my favorite princess, I loved that she read books and was very different from all the other princesses.

Looking forward to Disney's Beauty & the Beast ~ cast.. Emma Watson - Belle / Bella Dan Stevens - Beast / Bestia Luke Evans - Gaston / Gastón

The cast for Disney's live action Beauty & the Beast.- wait there doing a live action beauty and the beast? This is going to be great!

Behind the scenes of the new Beauty and The Beast Live-Action: the Ballroom scene

A Bela e a Fera Just a little change Small, to say the least Both a little scared Neither one prepared Beauty and the Beast .

I love the details on Bella's dress here. It's like a modern fairytale dress and it's beautiful!

Belle modern dress by punziella - caitthetravelingprincess commissioned me to draw pretty dresses on pretty princesses